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    Help please, which waverunner should I buy?

    I have between 1500 and 2100 to spend on a waverunner. Would like to spend 1500 but could over spend and borrow 600 from my brother and spend 2100.00

    I weigh 195 lbs and want to do some tricks on it. But I would also like to go 65 mph. My 12 yr old daughter, my 17 yr old son and i have been riding a sea doo 1990 587cc for about 3 months. This will be my daughters from now on. My son and I each want our own waverunners so we will have atotal of 3 eventually. My son and I want a ton more power.

    I found a 1994 yamaha wave raider 1100 for 1995.00 with 140 hrs, its at a dealership with a single trailer. Is this maybe what I should be looking at getting?

    I am also looking at a good condition Polaris 1995 SL 750 triple piston engine, freshly rebuilt lower end and top end, with a new triple fuel pump all the rest of it stock for 1500.00 with a trailer and fairly worn cover with a 2" tear in it. Could get it sewn there.

    I want to buy one now and then another one in 5 weeks from now so we would have a total of 3 waverunners.

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    Can't speak on the 1100, but the 750 will only do 48 MPH stock. Great for wave jumping and donuts, but not even close to 65 MPH. You're gonna need a big engine to pull speeds like that.

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    Budget for repairs and maintenance too.

    The models you are listing are are all old enough that they will need something or other fixed or replaced, even if they seem 100% when you first get them.

    If you want to be 65mph fast, that takes power, which takes a big engine, which usually costs more to buy. Only the fastest, newer generation stock machines reach 65mph (as measured with a GPS, not the built-in speedometer, which is often inaccurate).

    There are lots of fun machines that top out in the mid-low 50mph range, and they are usually less expensive to buy.

    If you buy machines of the same brand, with similar engines, then you will be able to learn about them once, and apply your knowledge to the others. If you buy different brands or engine generations/types, you will have to spend more time learning the differences between them.

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