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    1 out of business???

    i placed an order with wotcon on the 23/5/08 and assumed my order has been processed i then got an email on 25/6/08 saying the tach was off back order and would i like to proceed, i said yes but have not heard back since or recieved my when i go to their site its no longer there and has an under construction message....

    have they gone bust or something and my order has dissapeared into the never never or what?

    Has anyone recieved anything from them latley or know whats going on because they have not replied to my emails asking whats going on....

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    He's holding a lottery on all orders!

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    He just got back this evening i'm sure you'll have an answer by morning .

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    i just spoke with him, turns out he has been off racing and got a little side tracked, its all sorted out now and i am happy.

    communication is the key in any sucessful business relationship and now that channel is open again i am sweet.

    thanks for the heads up guys.

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