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    2002 Virage Motor

    Good Day To All

    Yesterday I picked up an extremley clean 2002 Virage from a friend with a blown motor. His lent it to his rocket scientist brother who ran it without oil. There is a big hole in the case where a rod peeked out. I have a complete 700 dual carb motor from a 1996 SLT700. Can I put it in this ski? Would I have to put the single carb/manifold on it? I know the single carb motor is 15 more HP than the dual carb. What did they do different to achieve the 15HP. I would guess timing and carb jetting? I pulled the motor out last night. If the dual carb motor will work I could have it done just in time for the weekend .

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    The dual carb motor will work just fine, you will have to swith the cdi box out with the motor or while there both out put the 02 stator in the 96 motor . I would switch them anyway because eventually your going to have to unless the 96 was updated already .

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    i'd move everything over,oil pump,carbs,theres a difference between the porting of the different motors and you'd be safer running the 96 carbs and oil injection pump for dual carbs,the exhuast shouldn't matter but check the brass fitting at the top to see if its the same size restriction in both pipes,run the 96 water bar as well,but i would run the later model stator and cdi box unless you have to replace the stator housing to accomadate the stator wiring harness,then run the 96 a friend who bought a 98 slth with dual carbs and the motor went south,when i started looking at it somebody replaced the slth motor with a hurricane verion but ran the slth carbs,completly smoked the front piston and took a chunk out of the sleeve as well.

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    They had a good thing going with the Cane engine, too bad they didn't take the time to tune it properly.

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