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    Rebuilt GP 1200 problems

    Hey all, new to these forums and I did a search to no avail. I have a 97 gp 1200, Riva Flame arrestors, XO impeller, Riva intake grate, Riva ride plate, Boyeson pro Reeds, all 3 Carbs were rebuilt 2 years ago and probably have 5 hours runtime on them. I rode it once and I had to feather the throttle to get it moving, so now I'm trying to get the right answer on what to do with it. Different shops around me are giving me different answers. Do I need rejetting for these mods? Also, does anybody know of a decent shop or person that can adjust this beast? I live in GA but travel to Florida (orlando/merritt island) area often. Thanks

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    One of the best tuners in the world lives in Florida. Give Tim Judge a call. And yes with fa's and reeds..there may be a need for a small rejetting. Are you at stock settings now? Sounds like you lean, open the low speed screws a 1/4 of a turn and see if that solves your problems.

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    I started at stock settings, moving 1/4 at a time, but couldn't get it right. But when I try to ride it, I have to ease the throttle to get it moving and once it gets moving it moves very well, top end speed doesn't seem to be lacking at all, just the low/mid range. I haven't rode it since that day since I was afraid of it running too lean and doing more harm to it than good.

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    By opening (counterclockwise) the low speed screw(bottom one)to about 1 1/4 total turns out and see if it still does it.......if so you have another problem.

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