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    Performance vs. Waranty

    I am new to the whole Jet Ski thing and have bought an Ultra 250. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what mods I could do without voiding my Waranty.

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    Most will tell you it depends on the dealer, but to be safe, prop, sponsons, grates, ride plates, nozzles, steering, are all safe bets. If you start messing with the motor, I would only do things that you can easily return to stock form should you have a problem and need to take it in under warranty..

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    What are the differances in the impellars? I know the stock one is probably pretty good, but how do the impellar ratios relate to performance on the water

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    On an ultra 150 you could throw a solas prop on there and gain 1-1.5 mph, with the 250 the stock prop is pretty much ideal until you start doing serious mods and have to bring the rpm's down with re-pitching or going aftermarket.. From everything I have read, aftermarket props for the 250 have been getting mixed results.

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