From my other post regarding selling the performance parts of our R-12X race ski, we have had a lot of interest.

Obviously we want as much money as possible for them, to help finance the F-15X race ski.

The parts will be listed on Ebay in about 2 weeks time.

We are going to dyno the ski next week, so there will be clean fuel maps for the Autronics. We take pride in our work & want everything right before we sell.

The Autronics SM4 will be sold with the wiring harness & will be unlocked. It is housed in a waterproof container & has Launch Control set up.

Other parts being sold are:

Larger Turbo - Machined out 4mm & larger core fitted.
Stainless Exhaust (water jacketed to the waterbox), with threaded bung for O2 sensor
Innovate O2 Sensor
Mac Intercooler
Custom Ride Plate

Pat & Bruce