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    Unhappy 1997 SLTX Starts runs 100 yards and bogs out?

    I have a 1997 SLTX with only 32 hours on it. I have religously fogged the carbs pulled out the old gas at season's end. Two years ago I had the dealer replace the fuel sensor in the tank for me at the end of the summer. The next spring I crashed my cycle and really broke my leg up good. I had a friend take the boat out a few times while I was laid up. He said it was bogging out a 100 yards from shore and it would just bog out from that point on. The boat basically sat from that point on with th eexception of me fogging the carbs and pulling the gas.
    This spring I took it out for aride and it did the same thing to me. I had the dealer look at it they found nothing. They said fill it up and run it out. It starts great and runs like a trooper for those 100 yards then it bogs out? Compression is excellent and I have completely drained the gas, opened the gas/water seperator and checked the filter it's clean.

    Any ideas on where to next? I really don't think it's the carbs?

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    Welcome to the HULK,We'll get you strighten out here.
    Sounds like a fuel starving problem.Even though you've done everything right,fuel that doesn't get drained can clog carbs,harden diaphrams,Etc. Run thru the fuel system before you take out a cyl. It cheap to clean carbs and check diaphrams vs one cyl rebuild.

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    I agree, it sounds like the system slowly fills the carbs and then tuns it out. I'd pull the carbs and clean the stale gas I'm pretty sure you're going to find. Check the fuel line for green goop and kinks near the sender. I'd replace the lines due to age, nothing worse than a cylinder going bye bye over a few feet of fuel line.

    Oh and WELCOME to the Hulk Forums!!

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    20 $ worth of fuel line and your own after marker fuel filter will give you extra feel good feeling , also change the plugs every season ,

    sounds like your on the right track but i agree with every body else since the fuel sender lead go str8 up the line has to do a 90 * bend if not a 180 and well after a few or more like 10 summers of blistering heat and viberation the rubber starts to get soft and can fold in some areas ,

    also might wanna replace the pulse lines , the lines that come up from case to the fuel pumps ,

    how about some pictures of this machine we like to see noobies and lurking peoples rides ,

    hope we get cha back on the water and welcome to greenhulk

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