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    93 SL750 back on the water

    W00T! Got the pump cleaned up and greased and re-installed. Checked the wash on the pistons to make sure none are running lean and then took her on the water. I completed the break in period and took some runs across the lake with no issues.

    I'm runnin 92 octane with 32:1 mixture. Went through half a tank of that and will do one more tank before reducing to 40:1. Piston wash indicates that the carbs are pretty rich right now and I'm perfectly fine with that. The speedo topped out at about 42mph and once again...fine by me.

    Eventually I'll replace the impeller and maybe lean it a TINY bit to get a little more top end out of it, but I'm just happy she's running. Hallelujah!

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    Congrats!!!! So the sea weed was the issue?

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    Great to hear!!

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    Yeah i'm pretty sure the weeds were the issue. I can definitely tell this engine is more solid than the last. The other one bogged for like 30 seconds before you could get any takeoff out of it. This one takes like 2 seconds and then jumps out of the water. So...time for fun

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