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    ultra 150 stopped

    hey all got problem with a mates ultra 150 we went for a ride and all started off well then he started to have problems with losing power then taking of again then it finally stopped all together and would not start it was like it had a flat battery starter engaged but would not turn motor over so took ski home and charged battery no difference, where do we start looking thinking electrical as there was no noise or jolt when ski stopped just wound down and stopped, any help appereciated

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    Hate to say but sounds like it was trying to sieze. Most likely cause would be clogged cooling lines or cracked oil lines. Try taking the plugs out and turn the motor over by hand. Look at the plugs as you pull them for silver or gray deposits. Could also be that the pump bearings siezed up.

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    yeah we pullled plugs and no metal or grey deposits i also pulled his water lines of and we were able to blow through them ok thanks for that btl much appreciated

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    If you havent already, check your ground connection from battery and connection to starter.

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    Thanks kawi will do

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