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    Burning Smell, Now No Start....

    I have a 2001 RX-DI. For some reason my trim keeps poping the 15amp fuse as soon as I power up the ski. I threw a 30amp fuse in so I could put my trip all the way up for wave jumping. Here is where the stupid part starts. I forgot the fuse in the trim spot. I got home from the water and could smell plastic burning but thought it was my truck(brand new Ford that always smells like its on fire, stupid DPF). 2 days later I went out to start my machine and it doesnt power up at all. I tried jumping it with my other machine but it still wouldnt fire up.

    So, did i fry my ECM? Fusable link? or just drain my batt and need to get a new one?

    Hopefully someone can ring in, thanks guys...

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    never ever replace a fuse with a larger one than specified. you more than likely fried your mpem and the burning smell is probably your vts module. you need to find out why the fuse is poping. it could have been in your vts, but you have lots of electrical chasing to do now.

    good luck

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    Wouldnt MPEM fuse pop? All the fuses were good. I was looking at the Wiring Diagrams and see that there is a 25amp fuse between the Batt and the fuse block...Whats a MPEM worth? If the fuse was in there all night would I drain the batt or does it only get power when the DESS in plugged in?

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    not going to be pretty...

    my best guess is that you damaged the mpem. Have you tried pulling the fuse and disconnecting the trim motor? The MPEM fuse would onlyblow if IT was overlaoded. Looks ot me like everything on theski runs thru the MPEM, so you might have cooked something in the black hole, and boy, that's going to be a costly affair. I got lucky last week and grabbed an MPEM on ebay for my 98rfi for a relative steal, but even $150 was alot to pay as I actually only needed a working lanyard ( the previous owner lost the lanyard while the ski sat on blocks in his front yard for three years)..but as the nearest dealer is 300 miles roundtrip..and they don't do them on thespot, it was a bit of a deal as far as I see it.

    check for melted wiring too, your tether switch wiring might have gotten crossed in the meltdown. Boosting a dead battery is a bad idea too..a real bad idea is bad too, get a charged battery in there oir take the dead battery out and connect a car battery up all on its on with some good cables.

    good luck!

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    A bad VTS can make the MPEM fuse pop. unhook the VTS first and replace the main fuse with a 15A. chekc the 5A fuse as well.

    if the MPEM is FUBAR, the 5A fuse will likely pop as soon as you get it in there. if that happens it's toast.

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