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    787 No Spark (97 SPX)

    I got this 97 SPX w/ 787 that's been submerged for at least a day now.

    It will crank, but there is no spark at all.
    Some clown ripped of the single wire coming out of the intermediate harness (rear ebox).
    I've got about 5 inches of wire coming out of the rear ebox, but I do not know where it needs to go.
    Is this perhaps connected (no pun intended) to the no spark issue?
    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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    if its the little black wire, then yes. it needs to be connected to the ground on the battery

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    hook that wire up, pull the plugs and get that water out. i assume you mean submerged in water! if so, you must start it immediately.

    just crimp a 14gage x 1/4" electrical lug on there and put it on the negative screw before threading into the battery terminal.

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