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Thread: Chicago Boys!!!

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    Chicago Boys!!!

    All the Chi town members that feel like helping me out read on...

    I live in Rochester NY and have since birth. Two years ago I gave up a job working for ADT security services as an account manager of commercial service accounts managing accounts and the technicians from here in Rochester. I got to know the specific towns pretty well from Lake Zurich/Buffalo Grove/Arlington Heights, into the city surrounding the loop and straight over to Aurora. I decided after doing this job for a while that this was going to be a top place on my list that I need to visit...

    I have heard nothing but awesome about your city and here it is a nice clean place with a lot to see. So my brother and I are going to be making the trip for my birthday in two weeks and I had a few questions...

    Is there any part of the near suburbs with a Marriot/Courtyard Marriot that I can stay in that is also really convienient to getting in and out of the city(didn't know how far it stretched, but maybe the L getting out far enough??).

    What parts of the city are absolutely must see places and what places are over rated and are a complete waste of my time?

    Just looking for some local advice to make my trip the absolue best and memorable. Appreciate the help boys.

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    What kind of stuff are you interested in?? night life, shows, tourist stuff (museums, art gallery etc...). If your main interest is staying in/near the downtown area I would just recommend staying downtown so you can walk/short cab ride to your destinations. There is a Marriot right on Michigan Ave. that will pretty much get you close to everything.

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    If you can, even if you are a fan or not, try to plan your trip during a Cubs game at Wrigley (night time is better), then party it up in WrigleyVille...

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    yea for sure even though as a brewers fan we like to think that miller park is nice its nothing compared to wriggley i would go a far a saying its very close experience wise as going to yankee statdium

    So go if you have the chance

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