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    bought 780 rebuilt no compression

    The guy I bought this off of said it was rebuilt and it has new pistons and the cyl. have been bored out.My question is will it have compression if it isnt timed which he didnt do he said?

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    If it cranks and it's assembled, it has to have compression, timed or not.

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    somthing is def wrong! hope it's the gauge! even a finger on the plug hole can confirm some compresion! zero is hard to do! even for the worst engine builder! maybe 650 pistons in a 785 would do zero

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    Your right the engine fired aftrer I took off the head bolt acorn nuts and used the ones that are open at the top I guess the nuts were bottomed out.Awesome compression now all I have to do is figure out the triple fuel pump hookup.The motor starts right up when I put fuel in the carbs.It only has a gallon of gas in it will the pump pick it up?They installed a primer and took out the choke for some reason.Will an electric pump work?

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    It should pick up a gallon of gas as long as the ski isn't too tilted up or down.

    I advise against an elec fuel pump.

    You'll need to wire it, then regulate it. Just buy another fuel pump from John Zigler for $26 USD.

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