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    Speed member 1st post

    Hi everyone....I have been lurking for a while, reading all I can...I have had my '06 RXP for a few months now....I have been riding for many years...I have had in the past a '96 XP that was a retired SS race was fun & fast but nothing like the RXP.....I have done some of the "free" mods...My ride past holes are filled...I removed the exhaust resonator....I saw 68.2 on GPS today.... its my fastest yet on the ski.....I did a oil change and made sure to get the level right & was finnaly abel to hit 8k on the tach. Next up will be the nose cone removal....

    Just wanted to say hi & thanks for alll the great info!


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    Welcome to the forum Clayton. Glad you finally joined in.

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    HEY!! glad to see you decided to be an active member and not just a lurker. Always great to have new faces and names around here.

    Welcome to the board

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