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    Question 1996 Polaris SLX 780 breaking up at full load, hmmmm?!?!?

    Just bought a 1996 Polaris SLX 780, glad to be back in the water playin with the runabouts, etc. Thanks for having me as a member, hopefully my prior technical skils will come in handy for others as well. Anyway, little hung up here, not very familiar with the Polaris quirks yet. Was a past Sea Doo/Artic Cat guy, now have moved on to Polaris, wish me luck. So, just picked up this one owner, mint condition, SLX 780. Only 70 hours total, babied its whole life. Last season it was not used at all, season before properly fogged for storage, etc. Now, as we bring it back to life, starts right up, idles nice, clean gas and oil, etc. Once you put a full load on the bike after warm up it boggs and struggles, gurgles, sometimes does it for a bit, sometimes just wakes up and snaps in to full band mode, etc. Now, with it running perfect before being stored 2 years ago could this be carb issues? Is there something else, more obvious, that should be checked before going into the carb breakdown, etc?

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    As you know from reading here, the carbs are the thing to clean and check.

    If you haven't already, you can download a Service Manual from here.

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    Thanks, appreciate the quick feedback. I am pulling down a copy of the manual now, will dive into the carbs and test test away.

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    1996 Polaris sl 780 loses power fuel issue

    Hello I am having the same problems with mine now after i rebuilt the motor you can check your fuel water seperator it may have water and also if you have old fuel take it out and put some new fresh fuel in it may solve your problem, also I had a faulty spark plug and it would make it lose power and bog down and misfire so check your plugs and plug wires to make sure the plug boots are snug on the spark plug wires they get loose sometimes also, hope this helps,

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