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    SEADOO GTI Crank Pin (Urgent Help)

    I am currently repairing a 2003 SEADOO GTI. Collapsed rod bearing on crank. One of the rods is welded to crank.

    I phoneed my local parts dealer to order parts and they came back and ask if I required 53mm or 55mm crank pins. So I proceeded to measure the pins and the crank is fitted with 1 x 53mm and 1x 55mm.
    Called the dealer back and he said that it is impossible to have 2 different length pins. I explained that I measured wiyh a calipers and double checked.

    Now either the dealer is wrong or this crank was built with 1 incorrect pin.

    Can anyoone confirm which is correct.

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    Was the engine ever rebuilt? Some companies just fix what was broken and leave the rest as is... Ron

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