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    Lightbulb Polaris sl pump alignment

    Any hints or tricks to getting the engine pump alignment as my bearings are running hot .

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    Ask a moderator move this to the Polaris General Discussion forum.

    The through-hull bearing should be well greased via the grease fitting, and it is cooled by the water flow in the pump tunnel.

    Drive shaft alignment is between the jet pump and the engine coupler - the through-hull bearing just rides on the shaft to keep the water/grease seals in the right place on the shaft, but doesn't 'guide' it.

    if your through-hull bearing has been greased, and is too hot (how hot is it getting?), then you may need to rebuild or replace the seals and internal bearings.

    if you are talking about the jet pump impeller stator bearings, then you can rent or buy an alignment tool. Beerdart on here rents the tool, and several places sell them. First be sure the pump stator bearings are in good condition. No play or grinding noises when you spin the impeller on the stub shaft.
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