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    94 sl750 wont start!!!

    i pulled the bendix out and it seems ok but it wont kick out and mesh with the flywheel. when i try to start the ski all that happens is the starter and bendix just spin but never engage with the flywheel. The battery is shot so i was usin a charger to power it, could this be my problem???

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    NEVER try to start a PWC with a charger or AC powered 'booster' connected, not even the battery in a running car or truck. You can fry the CDI electronics.

    Get a proper battery, and test again. The starter needs a lot of DC power to engage the Bendix and spin properly. Battery must be able to deliver at least 11.0 volts during starting.

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    The bendix should kick out with 1/4 turn rotation. If it is not than the counter weights might be stuck. Soak it in some oil to free it up.

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    when i pulled the bendix out it seemed fine, it wasnt stuck or anything and i put a little grease in it. is it possible i just need a new battery to get the starter up to a high enough rpm to kick the bendix out?

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    I got a new battery and well what do ya turned right over. I probably should have tried that in the first place instead of pulling the flywheel and checkin the bendix.....

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