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    Opinions on Sponsons

    OK I have a 94 XP. It is completely stock and it is also my first PWC. I love thrashing this thing around but when doing hard carving the ass of the boat comes out of the water and causes me to hit the rev limiter.

    One of the stock sponsons is already cracked and needs replaced. Would a set of aftermarket sponsons let me carve deeper and keep the ass of the boat in the water or should i just find a stocker to replace the broken one.

    If you think I should go aftermarket, which one and why.

    Also please feel free to give any advice on how to make this thing handle better...not that it's bad, I just want better.

    later on I would like to have more power but if I cant keep what I have now in the wet stuff more power ain't gonna do squat for me. So my priorities are, handling first then power.

    I lied, the doo does have a solas intake grate. So not completly stock.
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    Do it! You may lose a mph or so but it will be night and day. you'll like it. Beachhouse can be adjusted up and down and you'll still be able to keep it sorta loose if you wnat to do some goofing around...

    you cna help choppy water performance with trim tabs too. again will slow you down a mph but you'll stay hooked up and pump loaded in minor to medium chop.

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    I agree with the Wayniac, but if you are already thinking about more power, then consider upgrading to an 800 based XP or SPX. More power = more fun

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    if you lean out on the turn it will turn hard enough. Beach House is one of the best. They just force the hull to lean out on the turn. They both are a PITA to install... Have fun

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    true, all X4's need ot be kept flat to really turn......definitel have to lean out....or at least keep it flat. the sponsons do help though....and yes they can be a PITA to install. helps if you have a friend.

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