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    Sealant/Gasket for Block-Off plate?

    Last night while still working on the engine around 3AM , I checked my block-off plate and found no sealant. I could have sworn I used some kind of sealant when I installed this in 2005. I remember it didn't come with a gasket, but I was certain I put some kind of goop on it.

    Anyway, last night I just I grabbed to a tube of Permatex #2 Form-A-Gasket and used that to seal up the blockoff plate. Was that the right thing to do, or should I get some gasket material and make a gasket for the plate. I don't have time to order any gaskets, so if I go that route, it will have to be a homemade jobber. If I go homemade, should I just use paper gasket material or what?



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    You should be fine.

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