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    refitting pump on slx

    hi all. when reffiting my pump is it a case of just bolt straight on or is there anything i need to remember or specific i need to do. someone has said to me that you need special tools but i cant see why that would be necessary.

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    Arrow How to assemble your Polaris jet pump.

    Clean all pump section mating surfaces, make sure there are no nicks or high spots that will prevent smooth mating of each section to the next.

    Apply some anti-seize to each rim surface as you assemble.

    Clean out the threads in the pump base before you insert the long bolts.

    Locktite 242 or 248 on the long bolt threads, then assemble until just snug. Check the pump sections alignment and fit, and make sure the nozzle is horizontal across the top (not rotated left or right).

    Then start torquing in stages using a criss-cross pattern until you reach 18ft-lbs (I think that is the spec).

    Make sure the rubber bumpers were on both ends of the drive shaft before assembly, and grease the splines (water proof grease) at both ends before inserting it. Also make sure the drive shaft is fully inserted into the engine coupler, not hung up on the coupler splines.

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