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    Question Virage 1200 Txi - should I buy?

    Hey guys!

    Great site here with tons of info. I have searched and found some great information but I need some advice.

    I am looking at a 2001 Virage 1200 Txi. Seller is asking $3000. I talked to the seller on the phone and everything seems good except the hour meter resets when the battery is disconnected and the hours displayed only show 0.6... He is guessing it is less than 100 hours.

    What are your thoughts?


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    Always base your evaluation on the actual mechanical condition of the machine, not the displayed hours.

    But, the MFI should NOT be losing the engine hours when the battery is disconnected.

    If the MFI security code has been changed from the factory default of 1234, find out what the current code is. Hold down the Lock button until it prompts for the code, then punch it in. MFI should lock, and the start button should NOT crank the engine.

    Hold down Lock again, then enter the same code to unlock. Starter should not work.

    There is a MFI lock code reset procedure available if the security code has been lost.

    Call the HIN number into a Polaris Dealer, and ask if all the outstanding Polaris Service Bulletins have been applied to this machine. Also ask what service history the Polaris system shows for that HIN number.

    Check compression, of course. Check the steering for binding or stiffness. Check Reverse lever for the same.

    Look the hull over top and bottom. Look for cracks, repairs, deep scrapes.

    Look inside the jet pump, both ends, including through the intake grate. Look for broken or bent blades, rough edges. Check impeller clearance between the impeller blade edges and the wear ring with a feeler gauge, if you can get one in there. Should be less than 0.010, absolute MAX is 0.020.

    With the lanyard in, it should start almost instantly when cold, and idle right at 1100RPM, in or out of the water.

    Visually check the tanks inside the nose for oil and fuel levels. It is normal for the MFI display to show full, or nearly full, when the tank is maybe 3/4 full visually.

    On the water, confirm that it runs smoothly and responds evenly to the throttle. No sudden jumps in RPM, no surging or stuttering at part throttle. Smooth, even throttle response, yet instant power when you squeeze it tight.

    Full throttle RPM should be around 6700-6900, with MFI indicated speed around 60mph, give or take.

    Battery charging voltage should be right around 14 volts with engine running, displayed on the MFI.

    The hood should open easily and stay firmly open. If it falls shut, the gas spring needs to be replaced.

    Ask when the through-hull bearing was last greased (water proof grease)? If the owner didn't know it needs grease, they may not have done other maintenance and servicing.

    Polaris 2002 Service Manual may be downloaded from here. It lists some of the normal maintenance required.

    Is this a salt water machine?
    Ask what precautions were taken after each ride.
    Salt Away use, reverse engine flush, fresh water rinsing inside and out?

    How dirty is the hull and engine area inside?
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    Thanks for the great information!

    I am going to look at it tonight. It is a fresh water unit and I believe the seller is the second owner. I am a little hesitant because I have seen it for sale most of the summer and it has not sold. Also when I called him about it, he forgot he had it still. Maybe it will go cheap?

    Thanks again!
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