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    few questions

    Hey everyone I'm new to the forum ( been hanging around reading for a while ) I got my SC back from Jerry ( thanks Jerry ) ski is running pretty good (05 GTX LTD SC IC ) while the SC was off I replaced all the ties on the bailer system and while I had things apart I tested the "check valves " by running water thru them from a facet and found that water would flow both ways is this normal or has anyone ever tested them ?? 2nd question is about the problem with the 05 flywheel bolts was this just on the RXP or is it a problem with all 05 models??
    Alex 13 thanks for the welcome in the other thread and to all the guys that put so much time and effort into running things thank you for a great site ..

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    I believe the flywheel bolts are a problem in all 05. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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    I've read that both 04's and 05's had the problem. 06 and later use the new bolts. I've also read about one 02 shearing the bolts, so it may be 02 through 06 that have the weaker bolts. If it is, you probably don't hear about the 02's & 03's because of the lower power... Ron

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    '04 and '05. in '05 both models, as it is the same motor. ie, they don't have one assembly line for p motors and one for t motors. The GTXL would also have this problem in '05 as they have the same 215hp motor if I'm not mistaken.

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