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    Lightbulb polaris slxh wont start

    Hey all, new to this forum and by the looks of things you guys realy know your stuff.

    Right my problem is that my 98 polaris 1050 slxh will not start, the battery is fully charged it it only clicks at the solenoid when the start button is pressed.

    No loose conections to the battery.

    Has anyone got any suggestions, it was running a week ago.

    Many thanks Lewis

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    In my line of work, I run across a lot of batteries that are fully charged (12.75 volts, or higher), but do not have the necessary cranking amps to start an engine. Battery voltage, and cranking amps, are two different animals.... There are a ton of lengthy threads on this forum, that ended happily when the battery was changed.

    I would consider a new battery...and go from there.

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    What is the voltge at the battery when you are cranking? It needs to be at least 10.6 measured with a meter at the battery.

    If the battery tests good, clean the cables at the battery and engine.
    If you still get a click, you'll need to split the electrical box for further testing.

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    cheers guys.

    Im off tomorow so I will check the voltage across the battery when cranking.

    Where is the cables to the engine, out of the battery , into the elec box, then i take it i Follow them out?

    Someone says that there is an earth point on the block that soetimes gets rusted up? Is this so on my model or not.

    Appreciating the help, i will get back to you with my results


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