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    Performance Sea Doo vs. Kawasaki

    Do you know the difference between the gas consumption of Sea Doo RXT-X and Kawasaki Ultra 250.
    Which one lasts more in an offshore race?

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    250x here, we have a larger fuel tank than the sea doo, ~22 gallons. BUt we also suck more fuel! I can go a little over an hour of WOT, 62-65 miles on the safe side. Those numbers are based off of offshore riding.

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    The rxt-x has more power and more potential for modifications there only so much you do to a 250x. You could mod the rxt-x to be better in the chop then the 250x.

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    RXP-X, RXP, and GTX-LTD are looking for gas at 60-70 miles (average). I would think the RXT would be around that also. Of course, to make sure, you would have to go head to head WOT.

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    What's the T-X tank hold? P-X is 15G

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtxscrider View Post
    The rxt-x has more power and more potential for modifications there only so much you do to a 250x. You could mod the rxt-x to be better in the chop then the 250x.
    I agree about the power and mods, but to better than the 250x in the chop or would it be swells...I believe to be a TALL order. I've been in the ocean with Dubz1 and his green monster whilst riding my RXT. The rough stuff is where that 250x shines brightest. The hull design and added weight of the 250x aids it in going through that stuff like a hot knife through butter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Wayniac View Post
    What's the T-X tank hold? P-X is 15G
    Both the P-X and T-X have 15.9 gallon tanks... same as all 4-Tecs.

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    In race we have the same consumption of gas between 250 and rxtX... the 250 is better to win because he have a bigger tank = less stop...

    The X is better in flat water

    The 250 is better in choppy water

    For win with a X, you must have a top level...

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    I keep reading about the gas consumption of the X models. I have a P-X and I can ride a good day (about 4 hours of riding or 5 hours out on the water) with lots of WOT and in-between cruising. I'm not seeing the sucking of a full tank in an hour but I guess it could be done. I never see calmness for that long or use the ski to commute from sea to shining sea.

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    The T-X averages around 4mpg at 5500 rpm constant cruising. That being said, you can easily drain the tank in about 50 minutes at constant WOT.

    I've ridden around the Lake and up and down the river, just cruising, and some WOT runs, and gotten about 2 hours riding time before I thought I needed gas. Bottom line is that the gas mileage on the X boats sucks in a major way.

    And they take premium. I figure, on average, it cost me around $23/hr to operate my ski.

    But, who the hell wants to just cruise at 35mph....yawn.

    I think the 250X will go farther simply because of the increase in fuel capacity. Best bet is to buy a leftover 2007 250X, I've seen them for around $9700 new, and buy an X boat. That way when you get to the ramp and its choppy, take the 250, if its smooth, take the X boat.

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