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    1994 polaris 750sl question

    i picked up this unit as a trade for a stand up i had
    the guy said that one pistion was bad
    i did a total top end rebuild and it looks like the reason was lack of oil.;
    i been bracking it in for 15 hours and i out on the lake half throttle and all the suden it just dies and after a few it starts up and drive a little and dies over and over. is it overheating ? how can i check the oil pump? should i just unhook the oil pump and mix my oil with gas? what is the mixture ratio for that?
    or is it somthing else i am missing ?


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    Have you taken the carbs apart?

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    Stator? My old dirtbike used to run for 10 minutes, then not start for 10-15 min, run for 10, not start over and over. Stator quit after gettin hot.(unrelated vehicle but same issue.)

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    thanks for the response i haven't done anything with the carbs i see alot of people doing stuff with the carbs. i thought becasue of the main probem before i did top end it might have to deal with the oil pump. i will take a look at the carbs though

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    Polaris oil pumps tend to be reliable. Check all the lines, and check that you actually have oil flow at each feed into the air intakes (not clogged with a bit of dirt).

    Replace the oil filter at some point.

    Carb rebuild seems like the logical next step for your engine.

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