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    Whats the Difference here?

    So I'm gonna pick up some new spark plugs. I haven't decided if ill replace the ones from 2005 or just keep these on hand, but i found the ones i need.

    I'm just curious, Whats the difference between these four?


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    Here's what the various letters and numbers mean on our spark plugs. The factory plug is a DCPR8E.

    D: 12mm thread diameter
    C: Hex size 5/8"
    P: Projected insulator type
    R: Resistor type
    8: Heat range (2=hottest, 11=coldest)
    E: 19mm thread reach

    The other plugs you show are the DCPR8E-IX, DCPR8EKP, and DCPR8E Solid

    IX: high performance Iridium
    K: dual ground electrodes
    P: performance platinum

    I believe the solid designation refers to a solid copper core vs hollow copper core. The solid core designs tend to make more ignition emf noise but have less internal resistance.

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