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    How about a 'sticky note' about this....

    Every day I see some newbie visit this site...and ask for advice about a Polaris ski that they are thinking of buying. They usually say something like this:

    "I am looking at a used MSX 150, and am wondering what I should be looking for...and what are the usual problems I can expect?"

    They always get swift help, but it is usually the same regurgitated issues that we have all learned to be unique with our particular models. This is great...but why don't we start a 'sticky', that lists the most popular Polaris models, and what problems that we have all had to correct.

    I suggest that we list the two, or three, main issues that we know of. Anything more than a short list, will become overwhelming, and could scare away another potential Polaris owner.

    For instance;

    2004 MSX 150:
    1. Waste gate is prone to become stuck...check for free movement.
    2. Turbo solenoid was upgraded...newest one is gray in color, and mounted on a S.S. bracket on the engine head.
    3. Oil level is easy to overfill...follow owner's manual to check correctly.

    And so on....

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    I kind of agree. It would be nice to just search your make/model for known problems.

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    I have been working on this;
    I just bought a Polaris PWC - what should I do?

    I think it still needs more content and more/better links, and improved organization.

    I have been asking for help with this for some time...

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