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    03 GTX sc supercharger problem

    I have a 03 GTX sc thats currently in a local shop..the reason its in the shop is i over filled it with oil and it was smoking really bad..oil light kept coming on and ski wouldnt do more then 45mph..Well the tech called me and said he did a complete oil change and oil level is fine and oil light issue is gone but he is saying the oil burning is from the supercharger needing to be this true?..Ski ran fine before adding to much oil..i figured it was limited to 45mph due to oil light restricting it from futher damage..and i also figured the smoke was from having too much oil but the shop is saying other wise..I want to kno before i spend 600$ on something thats not true..also this is my first time at this seadoo shop so having trust in them is really limited..thanks

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    dude, been there done that for some reason the GTX's are a bitch to check the oil on....below are some pointers on the GTX to check on.
    • 1st off pull your Air Intake going to the Supercharger take your fingers and see if you can spin the SC Wheel. If you can your gonna need a rebuild on the SC most likely.
    • How many hours are on the current SC? My experience if your doing hard ocean riding don't expect much more than 50 hrs before it's gonna need a rebuild. Was it whining normally? or just a muffled sound when becoming unhooked? I think the more wear on the SC the less whine you hear and the more muffle you get.
    • Could be more of an oil seal leak than the SC going bad or combination I dunno I pulled the intake on my SC and exhaust hose @ the top going to the manifold and I had a decent amount of oil in both ends---was told this is normal I dunno
    • Buy a 12MM Compression tool and check compression on all cylinders s/b at or around 150 on all 3 +/- 10%
    • Change plugs don't need the Denso Irididum's just get the OEM NGK 8E's not the 9's they suck even though they are OEM replacements-they don't pull off correctly to connect to the coils. You should change the plugs because most likely if you overfilled you fouled your plugs as well s/b oil covered.
    • Check and see what kinda smoke if any is coming out the exhaust---White = Coolant/Head Gasket leaking Blue = Engine Oil
    ??? Who is going to do the SC rebuild for $600 bucks and where are you located at? The rebuild parts alone are around $350....$500 if your dumb enough to buy them from the stealerships....If it is the SC I suggest getting some information off this board or paying someone to just pull the SC and sending it to Jerry, he will turn it around for your quickly. If your near Delaware take it to WMF Watercraft. Good luck w/ it I feel your pain seems like for every 1 hr of fun time on this ski you get 10 hrs of maintenance and a ****load of worry.

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    Get that ski and bring it home. Do some research before you drop that kind of money at the dealership. There are plenty of members here to help out.

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    ok guys ..I got the ski back yesterday after the shop told me 3 diferrent stories of what was wrong...They told me the oil seal is no good in the supercharger and it needs a rebuild..They said that the oil seal was causing the SC to suck up and burn the oil out the back..Which it was smoking like crazy...I sayed fine but i wanted them to make sure engine condition was ok..they called me back and stated all 3 cylinders are putting out 147psi and engine seems to be fine..Then i asked them to give me a price on rebuilding my SC..Well 2 days went by and they called me up saying they want to further invesagate the engine because a local shop in the area had a SC seadoo that had the SC blowup and sent metal thru the guys engine and estimated about $3k to fix...I told them to check it out but im not putting any more money into it..Well the very next day he calls and says he pulled the SC out.(But if this his first day pulling SC out how did he know about the oil seal?)..then he said he put his finger in the opening of where th SC sits in on the engine and said he felt about 6 teeth missing off a gear in there..which he later stated it was the encoder wheel..He said he would have to take the engine apart to clean out the missing teeth and see if they damaged any other componets within the engine..I then ask him if any of the SC parts where missing and he said no just the oil seal is worn but everything else is still intact..SO i told him to put everything back together and i would pick it up and try to sell it..well yesterday i took it home and the shop never put back the drive gear on SC..he told me if i wanted to continue to start the boat to show it starts to potential buyers that i was better off not having the gear doing futher damage...I took his word for it and now ski is in my drive way!! here is what i have and need a hand from you guys..The ski starts right up,motor sounds great.there is no clanking or any sound of metal .no funny sounds at all...Where do i go from here? i pull off the SC and spend the $$ to have rebuilt and take my chances?...I bought the ski used with 400hrs from a local Police i feel pretty good that this SC had been rebuilt in the past..Also this ski originally went to the shop for having too much oil in engine..they did a complete oil change and he never said anything about metal particals being in the old oil or in the filter...Any suggestions will be really helpful..thanks

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    I would buy a vaccum pump (if you don't already have one), pump out the warm oil, replace the oil filter and replace the oil with BRP 10W-40 Mineral oil. The oil change procedure is in the How-To section. Check the oil level by leveling the ski (either in the water or on the trailer), warming the engine, let the ski idle for 30 seconds, turn-off the ski and wait 30 seconds, then check the oil level. It should be in the middle of the bends. Then see if the ski runs any better... Ron

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    That has already been done by the shop...Oil issue is all set..SKi still smokes and now i dont have a drive gear on my SC

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    Sorry, I missed that part about the SC still being out. First, I have never heard of an '03 loosing the metal washers and ruining the engine (unless the nut comes off and the needle bearings & gear come off) - it's the '04 to 07's that ruin the engine when the ceramic washers distengrate. With the SC out, I would pull the plugs and turn the engine over by hand. As you turn it, shine a flashligh in the hole where the SC goes. It shouldn't take long to see if any teeth are missing from the flywheel. If i'm not mistaken, a new flywheel gear is around $400. The engine would need to be pulled to change it. At the same time the flywheel bolts also need to be changed. While the engine is out, the 2 oil pump seives need to be checked for metal particles. You may even need to replace the oil pumps if those are damaged.

    What's the gear on the SC look like? If you could post a picture of the end of the SC, it would be great... Ron

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    Thanks ron for the info...The shop said everything is intact on SC..nothing broke off...he is saying since the oil seal let go it was banging the encoder wheel which lead to broken teeth...which to be honest,im not sure i believe this guy..Its a legit shop but he had also told me the engine needs to come out in-order for the SC to be removed which i know its not true..It jus seems like he as no experience on the SC unit going to attempt to remove the SC and i will post a pic of it...As far as the drive looks brand new....not even worn......the manual on this site for removing the it the same for my year ski..03 gtx SC?....

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    Yes, all the Scs come out the same way - loosen the 3 bolts, wiggle the SC and it should pull out. There are 2 o-rings that might cause some friction, but if it was just out, it should come out fairly easily. If you need a PDF manual, check here:

    ... Ron

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