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    Indentify this hose/line? (pic inside)

    I just purchased this 1997 SL1050 and upon inspecting the engine bay I noticed this clear hose that isnt hooked up to anything. The end appears to be flared as if it were hooked up to something.

    Upon further inspection (read: yanking on the hose), It seems I pulled its other end off of whatever it may have been hooked up to. This end appeared to be clogged with a white/tan granular substance (possibly built up salt?)

    Any ideas? The line was routed under the engine.

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    Its most likely your speedometer hose. Get a mirror and look under the bearing carrier for driveshaft, there should be a nipple thing that it needs to be hooked onto. If its not hooked up you have a small hole in the bottom of your boat and will take on water.

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    It could also be the battery vent hose.

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    correction, I didn't see the red arrows, I'm not sure what that one is, the other one in the pic under the bearing carrier is your speedometer air hose. Jumping to conclusions..oops

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    Lots of skis that have the newer AGM batteries, also have a clear, unused, hose lying nearby!

    Like mentioned above...check your battery for a missing vent hose, and if you have a AGM battery, see if this hose could be part of the older battery setup.

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    it's a pretty length hose, I'd say roughly 3 feet and was routed towards the front of the craft from the picture..that's a pretty long vent hose, no?

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    yup, the hose has to reach all the way up front to the vent connector up near the steering console, opposite to the gas vent (on the SL900)..., stumped me for a while also.

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    cool...thanks guys

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