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    I think my bendix broke?

    I put the 650 head on the PTO with 3 head gaskets and missing one bolt, and i got it down to 120 psi compression like the other two with the 750 heads and attempted to start it.

    Sprayed some fogging oil in the spark plug holes and put new plugs in. Got it all ready to go and turned it over, it gave little attempt at starting after a second of cranking, i went to start it again and it spun over for 1/4 second then it sounded like the starter was freewheeling and the engine was not turning. I rocked the crank back and forth, but the starter is not engaging...

    What do i do, and does this happen normally, ever?

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    It sounds like the bendix to me.
    Try applying direct voltage to the starter, wether it be at the solenoid or the starter itself. If you have a fresh (strong) battery, good ground and it does the same thing, I'd guess it's a bad bendix.

    Have you verified the engine rotates a complete revelution by hand?

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    Do they just break like this randomly?

    Is it replaceable without pulling the engine?

    I can rotate the engine by hand just fine...

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    And what would work on my 93 650 -> 750 convert, any 650/750? Anyone else?

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    Any Polaris bendix will work. I have an extra if you need it.

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    Anyone have one they can send out to me USPS Priority and isnt on the west coast?

    CT is close to me...

    How much for yours beer? Shipped USPS Priority of course.

    This silly ski keeps breaking itself...

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    What about this guy? PA is close, and this ones from a 01 and cheap.

    New is good...

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    Any Polaris bendix will work. I have an extra if you need it.

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    Ok, ok...

    Just making sure a ATV bendix will work on a ski.

    It feels like its partially engaging, if i rock the coupler after i hit the starter it makes a firm clank like its retracting. Im not sure if its just how they fail, or if my flywheel came off or something stupid, lol.

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    Are you kidding me???!?!?!

    FOCK, mayb we'll get out by Sept or Oct at this rate

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