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    New guy with water in the engine


    I Have a Polaris SL 650 from 1993 or 94. It looks like it has not run since 2004. I took the engine apart and it was full of water. It looks like the previous owner changed all the gaskets or seals but water was still getting in the Engine.

    I took the top of the engine off like I said and the pistons are free but underneath the piston is still wet. I poured gas on there hopping it would dry it out but it still looks wet and dirty.

    Do you guys have any Ideas. I was just thinking of buying the gaskets and using silicone as well to help seal the engine but it looks like it did not work before.

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    How does the crank look??? It uses steel bearings that rust easy.

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    If there was water in it you may as well have the crank rebuilt. The bearings get rusty and while they seem tight and seem to spin free they'll let go and send a rod thru the case in no time. The main bearings may even be ok, but it seems the needle bearings on the rods are what get a little rust on them and crap out. If it's for a short time and the motor is ran and dried out after it got wet no problem, but if it sits for some time it's bound to get rusty. Save your time and $$ and get a different crank from the get go.

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    Look through the openings where the reed blocks sit, if the rod bearings have no rust on them and the motor turns over freely, you should have no problems. The main bearings can take a little more abuse, you don't want rust on any bearings! but the mains would be the less of the 2 evils. I bought a 750, that had been under water,(was sitting for awhile) when I yanked the motor and pulled the drain plugs at the bottom of each section in the bottom case - water came out. I checked the rod bearings the looked ok, put it back together and have been running the ski since spring with no problems. With any ski, try to stay out of the wide open throttle for a long period of time. If everything is just not perfect that will take a cylinder real quick.

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