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    Intercooler Question

    I got a question why do you have to block off your stock intercooler when you up grade to an external aftermarket one? Why cant you leave it alone and just run both of them? since its inside the intake after the throtle body it just seems to me that if you ad one between the sc and the tb you could just run both? Or am I really missing something?

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    It has been tried and proven to be worse for performance than with the external intercooler alone. The stock intercooler is extremely restrictive to air flow.

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    Ok that was the only reason I was thinking it was done, so how do you remove the stock one? Also which hose feeds water to the stock ic? Does it come right off of the jet pump?

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    The stock IC is in the front of the engine (opposite the SC), and it is slid into the intake manifold. A water tube feeds it from the jet pump, and another tube feeds to the exhaust. You've got to remove those hoses, remove a clamp that secures the IC, then slide it out. It won't come out easy, you have to twist it while trying to pull it out. A lot of times, you have to remove the 7 bolts of the intake manifold, because the gas tank prevents it from coming all the way out. There's a block-off plate that you must secure with the clamp, and that plate needs gasket maker on it, or it will leak. Remove the hose between the SC and throttle body, and hook the external IC to them. Finally, you hook the water hoses to the new IC. You will need to buy longer hose, and you will also need to install a strainer in the hose going to the IC. Here's some instructions to ponder (ignore the ski-specific stuff):

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    Thanks for the info vx1!

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