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    F/S Rotax IC kit

    Rotax Racing intercooler kit for RXP. Includes bracket, insulated metal tubing, bov valve, water inlet strainer, silicone couplers and clamps. I will also include a set of stainless flex tubes for your custom configuration.

    $500 + shipping - Paypal add 3%

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    How old is the setup? I'm in N.Virginia and interested.

    Call me. 703-597-3141.

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    top notch

    just a for what is worth type thing for you guys..........

    i have done buss. with Banky on two occassions now, and i must say that he is a man of his word and his stuff that he sells is top notch. he packs his stuff for shipping like it was going to survive a nuclear Bomb. anyway if you are worried about buying from Banky dont be he is the man.


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