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    95 sl750 what to do? fix - sell - part out?

    I have a 1995 Sl750 and just got it back from the shop and they said it has a bad crank and one bad piston. The question is to fix - sell or part out? The cost to repair is $800. Everything esle on it works great. Any suggestions would be great.

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    Lots of questions to this answer.

    They are fun machines. A new one (of any kind) is 7-8-9 thousand $ plus taxes and registration and possibly finance charges.

    SBT sells re-built engines for $945.00.(engine has to be aligned if removed) and the pump probably needs to be re-bearing-'ed and re-sealed anyhow) and the center shaft bearing probably needs replacement also. ( it is a 1995 machine.)

    or you can do it yourself for possibly more $ or less $.

    I'd go for a re-built engine instead of giving a shop $800.00 and it probably won't run correctly when you get it back.

    But ....all of this is just my opinion.--Don't forget a possible carb re-build and Mikuni tripple out put fuel pump and also go pre-mix ---all at the same time---!!!!

    Or first do a compression check yourself-download the Polaris manual and do a crank index check. Did the shop remove any of the cylinders. How do they know the crank is bad ????

    Like I said, there are many questions to this answer.

    Cheers !!!

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    Tough to say.

    How attached to the ski are you?

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