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    Does anyone run pre-filters?

    I was thinking about ordering a set of pre-filters for my flame arrestors just as a precaution from water getting sucked in my engine. Do any of you guys run them on your boats? Think it's a worthy mod or just a waste?

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    you bet it's worth it! more so in rough water.

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    I run them on the pro 785 since it is such a wet ride.

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    Are there different kinds or am I limited to Outerwears?

    Are there any other places to order from?

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    Outerwears are for girls.

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    But this dress looks so good on me.

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    There are too many ways for water to enter the engine compartment, seat not latched, bad seal, hose break, bilge failure, thru hull fitting etc.
    Why risk the damage of your newly built engine?

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