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    02 GTX 4 tec lower engine drain bolt?

    Bought this ski last year with about 75 hrs. It just hit 101 hours with no problems and no maint. required light or anything like that. Thought I'd call the local dealer and give him the vin # (zzn28125c202) and see what repairs have been done. He said the only thing that came up was a warranty recall for "lower engine drain bolt"? He didn't see any other repairs that were done. The previous owner told me he had the starter and battery replaced at another seadoo dealer right before I bought it last year. He also said the prior owner had the gauge cluster replaced by a seadoo dealer. Why aren't these repairs showing up on my local seadoo dealers computer? Can someone with access to the seadoo database run the vin above and let me know what you find? Also what's the deal on the engine drain bolt? Is it something that needs to be done right away? My local dealer is very busy this time of year. Thanks, Lee

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    You might send Shibby a PM. He works for a dealer on Long Island. I don't think that work done outside of warranty would show up... Ron

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    Only warrantied items will show.

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    Ok, thanks. Ever heard of the engine drain bolt warranty recall? Sent a pm to Shibby so hopefully he'll let me know what up with that. It was probably something that only affected the 02 4tecs. For all i know the recall might just be to check and make sure the bolt is tight!

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    I had to put a gauge cluster on my 02 GTX also, fogged up and quite working. Bought it cheap used.

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