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    Stiff Steering and Throttle

    Hello all,
    First time poster, lifelong PWC enthusiast. I have a 01 GTX di and its been out of the water and hasnt been started for 2 years. When I last stored it I had it prof. winterized and then stored it in an enclosed shed. I'm late in the season, but I pulled it out and am hoping to get some use out of it this year. I oiled it up, swapped out the plug and put in a fresh battery, started it up and all was good (thank god). My problem is with the steering and the throttle. The steering was very stiff and would hardly budge, but over the last couple days I have been spraying the steering arm in the back near the pump assembly as well as inside underneath the steering. This has loosened up the steering some, much better than before however it is still a bit stiff. In addition to this, the throttle is very tight. I started up the machine, with water of course, and got it to rev to high 2k's which obviously isn't much at all. Any suggestions on loosening the two areas up some more. I would hate to have to swap out the throttle cable if it can be salvaged. I know that the obvious reason is that they tightened up from not being used. Any help would be appreciated!

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    I suggest running a can of Sea Foam through the fuel system to clean out any varnish and sludge.

    PB Blaster is an excellent pennetrant, but a pathetic lubricant. Try this at both ends of each cable, then when it gets loose back up with WD or 3 in 1 oil. You may have to replace them though.


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    Thanks for the reply. Is the sea foam added directly to the gas tank? Also I have tried spraying sea doo lube into every crevice of the throttle cable from the steering column. It moves a bit but is still biding on something somewhere! Of course I made matters worse this morning by removing the steering cover to see if I could get to the cable better and I snapped off the PLASTIC cable hold . Is there any better way to approach spraying the cable from the other end. I tried tracing the wire from the front to the engine but I lost it somewhere underneath. Where is the access point to the engine?

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    I'm not sure on a DI, because I've never had one, but it has to connect under a throttle body just like the carbed version does. Loosen the 10mm locknuts and fish it off the cam.

    Yes, Sea Foam goes directly into the gas tank. 16 oz. to no less than 15 gallons. Just use less if not full.

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