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    Removing corroded motor from VTS housing / '96 XP

    OK......concluded that at a minimum, the VTS motor on my '96 XP is toast (hoping the electronics in the housing are OK).

    I have removed the housing from the ski, but cannot get the motor out of the housing. It appears that under normal circumstances, the motor just rests on the 4 studs and would slide out. This one won't budge. I am not certain how it mates to the arm below, but would assume that is where the corrosion has adhered it. Other than penetrating oil, are there any tricks to getting the motor out of the housing? Will penetrating oil hurt anything? (namely, the electronics in the housing)


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    Buy a can of PB Blaster at your local parts store. The studs have grown to the motor ears. The center star gear just connects to a plastic hub. Tap lightly with a hammer after soaking. It should break loose...just hold your mouth right and talk sweet to it...

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    The corrosion wouldn't let go on 2 of the studs. I had already been spraying it w/ pb blaster a few times a day for several days along w/ tapping and prying with no results. I finally busted out the hammer and screwdriver to give it few whacks and busted off the very rusted flanges with the first hit, then turned the flanges off with pliers. Motor was toast anyhow. Then again, so was the VTS box as it turned out.

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