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    Novi 48mm jetting GP1200

    I bought a new project gp1200 for only $1100. It is set up for closed course racing and it looks like it used to have triple pipes. I want to make sure the current jetting is accurate as I am rebuilding the motor. I did not have a chance to ride it. It had a light seizure in the front cylinder. Can anyone give me jetting recommendations? I do not know who did the porting but the cylinder and cases look very nice!

    Here is what it has:

    Brand new t/w hot rods crank
    ported cylinder and cases w/ 84.5 Wiseco
    48 mm Novi carbs w/ shaft to shaft linkage
    2 external fuel pumps running the 3 carbs
    Riva Manifold w/ spacer
    VF2 reeds
    Extrude Hone manifold and exhaust - 1100 raider I believe!
    Pro Design Cool Head with 150 lbs compression

    Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated

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    Best bet would be to contact Tim @ NOVI to see if he has any specs for that. All I have is tripple pipe jet specs for the GP and NOVI carbs.

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    If you have pulled the carbs, what jetting did they have? I think triple pipes are something like 115g spring, 145 pilot 150 main, 2.5 needle. I can't find my notes at the moment.

    I'd be curious in jetting spec for non triple piple setup.

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