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    Blown Supercharger Gear

    This is great, Just got done installing the 15/20R and a new wear ring and the first 5 min were outstanding 8060 RPM's then, all of a sudden the engine dropped to 5000-6000 RPM's. I thought it went into limp mode but, its not in limp mode. then I Thought I need to shim the Metal washer because i was able to spin the SC's impeller by hand so I started pulling out the supercharger. THats when I knew something was wrong, it sould never have been that hard to pull the SC out. After I go it out I found out that the supercharger gear is missing from the supercharger. How the hell does that happen???

    The biggest kick in the nuts is that it only has 10 hrs on it since I rebuilt the SC with the Metal washers, and just take a wild guess were the gear and the Needle bearings are now?

    I never heard of the gear shattering like this on this forums. I think I need to send the SC to Jerry so he can check to see if the shaft and the bearing are OK.


    I'll post Pics when I tear the engine apart.

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    You are not the only one this has happened to. Check out this thread.

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