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    96 xp starter location

    hi, im buying a '96 xp that needs a new starter..does anyone know if I will have to remove the carbs to get to the starter easier or is pulling the starter off pretty easy without removing the carbs??

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    The starter is fairly easy to remove. It's further ahead from the carbs and down low. 2 Bolts securing it in place. I believe they are #6 metric hex cap bolts. I think the hardest part about removing the starter is getting the red cap off of the power cable. When they dry out they become very tough to free up off of the threaded post. But none the less it's very easy, just remember to disconnect the battery before you do anything else.

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    There is also a third socket head bolt at the rear of the starter, facing up on an L bracket. This one can be a pain, but not too bad to remove either. Make sure you disconnect the battery prior, and inspect the ground wire at the crimp connection under the heat shrink tubing for corrosion.

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    I replaced a starter on my 96 XP while laying on my stomach on the dock with the ski bouncing in the water. Took a few minutes but i did it... and that is how easy it is.

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