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    Cavitation finally fixed!!!

    I have been battling with cavitation outa the hole since I put my green wheel on. I tried removing my intake grate which resulted in top speed gains but that actually made the cavitation worse.
    So I finally got off my arse and repitched my 14/19 +2mm. Bingo!!! As a point of reference my 14/19 measured 8.3mm from tip of blade to flat surface. When I was done it measured 6.4mm from tip to surface. Not quite 2mm as its difficult to be 100% precise. Took me about 3 hours and 8 drinks of Rum to get all 4 blades the same.
    I can now go WOT from a dead stop loaded up with the family and she just jumps right out of the hole. I was hoping to gain 1 or 2 more MPH top end but to my surprise I got nothing.
    I have an analog rpm guage so it was hard to tell exactly what my top speed rpms were but the needle was well over 8000. I noticed however that if I reduced the throttle slightly before repitch it would get to top speed quicker. These engines must have a really soft RPM limiter.
    Anyhow if anyone is hitting the rev limiter and cavitating outa the hole with similar mods as mine you know what you have to do.
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    Which edge have you repitched, leading or lagging? I've been wondering bout tuning my impeller to my boat to maximize my hole shot. Right now I'm skim coating a wear ring to see if closing the gap that I have between the ring and the impeller will help.

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    Always the trailing edge. The Hulk says you might as well toss a prop in the garbage after the leading edge is touched. And you want to start bending at least an inch from the edge, to have a nice transition, and not a sharp kick at the end.

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