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    96 GTX kickin' my butt

    I've got a 96 GTX that has a/a couple of problems. When I plug in the lanyard sometimes I don't get get the beeps, cranks like mad but won't fire(no spark). If I move it around the yard on the trailer, sometimes it will start. I also get 12V low warning when I crank it but battery has 13.6 volts. Any ideas where to start looking?(besides grounds)

    Ok just outside monkey farting around with the machine and scrolled through the mfd displays and tried starting one more time. Voilà!!! still reads 12v low but runs like a champ. Wouldn't start before checking mfd modes, but fires immediately after checking???!!!
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    DST, Welcome!

    They don't always beep if they have been sitting. After you ride a bit the beep will come back, sometimes....

    The starting issue was probably due to no fuel in the lines. It takes a wile for the fuel pump to catch up. Primers are great. It'll run fast at first but keep holding the choke till it settles down.

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    Found the problem..

    Worked on it all day Saturday while you guys were out riding.... one of the waterproof connectors, or one of the wires connected to it, has a bad connection. I can reproduce the failure, or remedy it at will by twisting the connector around. I'll have to look around for the pins to fix the break.

    Now for a test ride.....

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    The 12 volt low comes on when you put the key on, is normal. When you ride and it comes on then theres a problem.

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