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    rxt 2005 ecu wanted

    wanted rxt 2005 ecu and both wiring harneses
    see mine below
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    Quote Originally Posted by jprconstruction View Post
    wanted rxt 2005 ecu and both wiring harneses
    see mine below
    Man what happened to That?

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    PM Sent

    PM Sent

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    Anyone ever experienced this

    machine history:

    I puchased a 2005 seadoo rxt from a local authorised seadoo dealer in april 2007 with 20 hrs use only on it.
    I had 20 hrs trouble free time on it during that summer and when it was time to winterise it, i also got my local dealer to suck out the oil and change for new even though i assume it was not required until 100 hrs.

    may 2008

    had a couple of hours use but while riding it came up with an error code which related to a fault with the knock sensor,had the knock sensor changed, labour and material came to £180
    next trip out had another error code which related to exhaust temperature sensor had that changed ,labour and materials approx £150
    next trip out! red warning light comes on display reads check engine ,back to dealer they changed four pins on the ecm wire connectors, labour and materials £125
    next trip out, first 5 minutes running light comes on check engine.
    back to dealer,they grease pin connectors
    i go down to dealer to collect, but test on the water at their harbour location.
    check engine warning light comes on
    ride back to harbour to dealer mechanic and he suggests that all the pins be changed at a cost of 6hrs at £65 an hour
    GIves me the option of changing them myself and he will supply the pins.
    I take the rxt back home and download from ebay a workshop manual and manage to trace the fault code in question to pin no 10 on the wiring diagram from the workshop manual.
    on inspecting this wire i found that it was so loose that it pulled free from its pin very easily.
    dismantling the pin connector was a major nightmare to say the least, i could not imagine how hard it would be to change them all.
    soldered the pin back in place.
    purchased new supercharger washers from you,plus rear exhaust, plus block of kit ,ect
    next trip out every thing seemed ok for over two hours,longest its ever run without errors, but just after two hours running came up with check engine on display.
    on returning to the harbour to go home it would not go higher than 1000rpm and when i put back on trailer for flushing, i removed the dess key but it carried on running,which i thought was a bit strange.
    i tried starting again and releasing the dess key and again it carried on running for 30 seconds then stopped.

    by this time and after 2 months of back and forth to the dealer i am totally down and sadened by the whole situation and park the ski up in may garage until i have time to look at it again.
    i run my own construction business and this has cost me a fair amount of money in traveling there and back to the dealers and lost time on site
    I have for the past 6 weeks been working in excess of 80hrs a week seven days a week.and today is the first time i have had time to look at it again.
    This is what i have found.
    on removing connector block from ecm have found major corosion on pins and bock
    one of the pins has rusted and snapped off the ecm and the other half of the pin is inside the connector block and another one is on its way as well.
    What are my options.
    1/ new ecm
    2/ new wiring harness
    3/ is it worth seeing if any one has swapped out there ecm on a stage 3 upgrade and has one for sale

    5/ any ideas why i have encountered so much corrosion on a low hours machine
    6/ is this worth posting on the forum as it might be worth other owners taking five minutes to check their ecm connectors before it becomes a major problem like mine.
    7/ who makes the ecm can it be repaired.
    8/ is there an easy way to change the pins
    9/ would i get any sympathy out of seadoo if i sent them this email or are they not interested.
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    My take on this is Replace The Engine loom and fit a good secondhand/New ECM.You will be chasing wire rot for months to come with the old loom.It will be cheaper in the long run.Just my 02

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