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    1992 sp no start

    First off I'm new to the forum(and seadoos) so hello to everyone.
    Second I'm the new owner of 2 92 sp's that I picked up. One of them had a bad starter, its been rebuilt and waiting for me to install.
    The other would turn over and has spark, but no fuel. It had about 2 gallons of old gas in it. I cleaned the tank, filter, selector valve and rebuilt carb.
    Now I get fuel to the carb but it will not start. It turns over good and seems like it almost wants to run but then it will back fire through the carb.
    I have not had a chance to check compression. I'm going to that
    Any Ideas? Thanks in advance for any input.

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    not to be an arse but you should have checked compression befor buying them...
    that said, it could be the rotary valve off timing or the carb is still out of tune..

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    I agree, but I never saw them before purchase. Wife went and looked at them. We gave 750.00 for the pair with a double trailer. No idea what they are worth.
    Anyway I'll post results of compression tomorrow.

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    Thumbs down

    Well, ran a compression test tonight. First one had 120 psi, second hole had
    about 10 psi. Guess the head is coming off.
    Anything in particular to keep my eye out for?

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