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    Whats Wrong 94 650 gtx

    I just replaced the front jug, piston, and the head due to lack of lube. I bought this machine needing all this done to it. So I done away with the oil injection because I expected that was my problem. Well went out today and after 15 minutes it died. Same problem again, piston is eat up around the outside edge as well as the head. I think I can save the jug but why does it keep doing this? It is the cylinder toward the front of the machine and I am running a 40:1 premix. All I can figure is the carb on that cylinder. Any help is appreciated. Thinking about selling the way it sets. What would it be worth roughly, It is in excellent shape. Thank you.

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    Anybody have an idea?

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    my money is on the carb running too could be other issues bent connecting rod etc... but I would look into the carb

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