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Thread: water logged

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    water logged

    I ot water logged have a 1995 polaris 750sl and the engine got water logged, just recently put new pistons in it now cannot stop from getting water into engine need help

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    Exclamation 1995 750sl

    also when i hook up a hhose to it it gets water into the engine don't know why everything looks good need help stuck in the water

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    Sounds like a gasket between the water jacket and the engine internal spaces is not sealing somewhere. Did you re-use some gaskets when putting the engine back together?

    Were any gaskets torn or damaged?

    Right now, you need to get that water OUT of the engine, especially the crankcase, before anything starts rusting.

    You can run the engine without the hose for up to 15 seconds at a time. Take the spark plugs out, make sure there is no water coming out the plug holes when you crank it.

    Then try to get the engine running enough to swish the bulk of the remaining water out of the engine (without hooking up the hose). Shut it down after 10-15 seconds, take the spark plugs out, let it cool down. Clean the plugs if they are wet.

    Then run it again for a short while, bursts of throttle to move lots of air through the crank case. Don't over rev it, of course.

    Then spray fogging oil into the carb air intakes when it is running. Shut down, remove spark plugs, spray fogging oil into plug holes. Hopefully that will be enough to keep it from rusting, while you figure out where the water leak is.

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    I put new gaskets thoughout all the parts that were removed still leaking maybe thought that the torque was off so tightened them more will try this morning getting frustraded

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    Quote Originally Posted by birchem1 View Post
    also when i hook up a hhose to it it gets water into the engine don't know why everything looks good need help stuck in the water
    make sure you don't turn the hose on before you start the engine or you will fill it up with water

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    Thumbs down won't work in lake

    it works with the hose but when i put it in the water it takes in water into the engine won't run very well

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    Doublecheck gaskets between exhaust manifold and cylinders.


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    put it in the water with the seat out and look where the water is coming from.........................

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    Did you mount the exh manifold to the cyls before tightening the cylinder base nuts?

    You may have damaged the gaskets.

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    Thumbs down need help

    do you think that the cdi box got wrecked when under water or maybe to much compresion with the water in the cycliners trying to start it blew a new head gasket

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