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    knee brace recomendations?


    i am after a CTI style knee brace to protect me while surfing breaks and was wondering if anyone can make any reccomendations or high light types to avoid etc...

    my right knee is pretty much shot from past injuries and the left although fully functioning does cop a hiding when i come off ( like i did yesterday during a last minute bail out)

    I was thinking something along the lines of this

    can anyone offer me any advice in this area please?

    they need to protect me from hard impacts that result from coming into contact with a ski off waves and hyper flexion.

    thanks in advance.

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    That one looks good, but for hyper extension I'd recommend a DonJoy: here is one:

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    I had a knee replacement and I wear a custom DonJoy!! works great!!

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    I have a donjoy as well.. I had knee recon surgery in High School. Played 4 years of college ball with it.. Under those conditions, the gearing was shot at the end of each season, but it was replaced no questions asked immediately under the lifetime warranty. Since then i have yet to replace it. You'll break a bone before it gives out (if its functioning properly). Which, IMO, is much better than dealing with a years worth of surgery and rehab on a knee.

    check your insurance policy, mine was 100% covered. no out of pocket costs to this day.

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