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Thread: Warranty Seedoo

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    Warranty Seedoo

    When i install the Riva stage 1 on my RXT-X have i the normal warranty from Seedoo or is she gone for the SC and the engine ?

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    You might want to ask your dealer first, but the Riva stage 1 kit doesn't change any engine or SC parts. It's the power filter, impeller, grate, wedge, extension rod and reduction nozzle... Ron

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    Yes i mean only the power filter because i think i have a problem with my SC, see the other thread ( Oil lamp lights )

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    IMO the power filter should not void the warranty unless they can prove it caused a failure which is unlikely. If you're worried about it talk to your dealer or just have them install the part, that way you should be covered since they did it. There are other modifications which will indeed void your OEM warranty, if you are having a SC problem I would keep it stock until resolved... always talk to the dealer first---some are more "mod friendly" than others.
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